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Projects and Programs

The Hoosier Equipment Lease Purchase (HELP) Program assists local units of government in acquiring essential items of equipment through a standardized and streamlined lease-purchase process.  Since 1991, the HELP Program has assisted over 200 communities in obtaining various items of equipment worth over $220 million.

Five Reasons Why Local Units of Government Choose HELP:

  1. Unique Legal Benefits: HELP is the only program that eliminates the legal requirement to bid the financing
  2. Banks Compete for Lowest Rate: IBB has pool of participating lenders competing to submit lowest all-in bid
  3. Access to Financing: Local units have access to banks they might not otherwise have, based on their size, geography and relationships
  4. 35+ Years of Indiana-Based Experience: IBB provides hands-on technical assistance from application to closing
  5. Public Sector-Friendly Lease Terms: IBB works with its participating lenders to ensure no surprise lease terms