View frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Indiana Bond Bank Investor Relations.

General Questions

Is IBB actually a bank?

No, IBB is not a bank.  IBB is an extension of Indiana's state government, in the form of a "public body corporate and politic".  Often entities like IBB are referred to as "quasi-state agency" as they share some traits of traditional state agencies, while others that resemble the private sector.  For example, IBB reports to a Board of Directors and has the capacity to issue debt, which are not characteristics of true state agencies in Indiana.

How is IBB funded?

IBB is a self-funded entity, sustaining its operations on the services provided.  In other words, IBB receives no state tax dollars or legislative appropriation.

What is IBB's mission?

IBB's mission is to deliver targeted financial solutions to local Hoosier challenges.

IBB accomplishes this mission through a variety of offerings, from assisting entities with equipment financing to traditional bond issuance.

Why should a local unit of government utilize IBB?

There are multiple benefits to using IBB, depending on what services are required. 

Two constant benefits that IBB offers across all services are:

(1) its 35+ years of public finance work and experience;

(2) its mission-driven approach, grounded by being a public sector entity.

Who can IBB serve?

IBB assists nearly every type of unit of government in Indiana.  From as small as the township level to as large as a state agency, and in between.  The list includes townships, cities, towns, counties, public libraries, public school corporations, certain charter schools, public universities, county hospitals, redevelopment districts, fire protection districts, state agencies and others.